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Thursday morning and all is well with me. How about the rest of you?

Jolanta 8 July 31

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After midnight, so I guess it is Thursday “morning” here. I am tired from a long day, but happy to be alive and out of the desert heat.


It's still Wednesday afternoon here. You Aussies are from the future!!! 😀

All aliens here.


I can’t complain, and if I did - it wouldn’t help😉


Evening here, had a very good day. Calm and no problems at all. Hope your's was as good as mine!


The rest of me is fine.


Wednesday night and I’ve had a great day out in beautiful counties Fermanagh and Donegal. Effortless, borderless crossing from U.K. into Republic of Ireland.....but how will that change in a few months time? Fuck Brexit!!

Yeah, very interesting times there, not pleasant just interesting.

@Jolanta Trouble ahead I think!


I'm still on the good side of the dirt, so fine.

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