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Nailed it.

Rob1948 7 Aug 2

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Oral Roberts was a faith healer when I was growing up. He built a hospital in Tulsa, and it had doctors. Go figure.


No shit

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 18, 2019

They are everywhere lately . Every where I turn someone claims to be a psychic , an empath ( whatever that means ), a high " intuitive ", and blah blah blah . Turns out , they ll sell u some lavender oil , crystals , and whatever else ( I heard powerful rocks too , no joke )😂
I know people who visit them regularly for 20 mnt / 45 dollars . When that does not work x 3, finally they bring litle Jonny at ER in the middle of the night ( no , no bad karma or anxiety , just a twisted and overlapped colon madam . Thank u very much , admission , NEXT !) ✌🏻


Now that you mention it . . . . .LOL.


Thank you Rob!


Although both seem to have a lot of money.

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