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Just blocked killtheskyfairy because she showed herself to be a pompous #1&ch who was far more interested in insulting every person in my home state because she doesn't like our status as first in the nation for the Democratic Caucus's. The topic of the post was Book Burning and I did call her out for her toxic attitude towards my entire state. Yes Trump carried the state when it came time for the electoral college to vote. According to her this meant nearly all of us voted for Trump. Well no, we didn't. There was a significant number of who did not then nor ever will vote for him who are working hard now to ensure he is voted out. The fact that she could not let the issue drop and get back on topic of that post showed me she was someone who had an opinion of the entire state that was totally wrong. My state is no different than any other when it comes to intelligence or religious extremes. I have never blocked anyone on here before until now.

misstuffy 7 Aug 10

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Now that TrumpOLINI has driven DOWN the price of soybeans by pissing off China, Iowa will vote ANYONE BUT TRUMPolini and Governor Weld could easily beat tiny fingered tangerine shitgibbon donnyBOY in the caucus next winter.....I on the other hand have blocked vicious insensitive females and most sexist males here.....Iowa carried for Governor Dukakis against the Bush Crime Family not all voting pluralities are mirror image of Iowans.....BEAT UP ON FLORIDA not Iowa where the Jeb Bush Crime Family terrorized 50 thousand black skin voters away from polls at gunpoint.....Florida 2000 treason deposed President Gore and Ohio Diebold rigged computers gave us 4 more years of non-president boyBUSH.....anyone who blames Nader is a racist ignorant traitor to democracy

My point is this, to paint everyone in a state, in any state as having the same intelligence, beliefs and voting habits is just plain ignorant and to stand by that ignorance is just plain arrogant.

@misstuffy arrogant is an understatement....forcing a insult upon all or only one is what religious perpetrators do and no Atheist here should be pretending their state for BILLARY makes them better than Iowa for TrumpOLINI ....STEREOTYPING is stupid....I blocked an idiot here who insulted me pretending my vote for the most QUALIFIED candidate for President was a vote for TrumpOLINI.....25 MILLION of us veterans did not vote for secrecy law criminal BILLARY disqualified by her crimes....and I am working hard daily to elect @HowieHawkins20 @H'20 December 2020 when all the ELECTORAL College votes are counted

@GreenAtheist I have never heard of your candidate but we must all respect one another regardless of how the states we are from aligned politically. From her statements I could tell her main issue was jealousy over our first in the nation status

@misstuffy if she did not have Iowa to piss on she would complain New Hampshire primary does not have the right to exist


I am from Iowa and I am not surprised at the majority of Trump supporters - but I know there are many pockets of liberalism and I lived there for 35+ years... It is the same here in Alaska and I would never think all Alaskans are crazy conservatives - but many are and it is frustrating...

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