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There's just NO end to the ignorance of this Administration and their cult members.

The newest reaching attack on immigrants is especially nonsensical.

"Immigrate can be denied Green Cards if they are on Food Stamps."

Given that undocumented immigrants are ineligible for SNAP, Medicaid/Medicare, or other State & Federal safety net programs, what's the point of this? The ONLY point is to feed into the collective ignorance of the people that blindly follow these Trumpsters. 😐

New Policy Would Deny Green Cards to Eligible Immigrants If They Receive Food Stamps

Immigrants & Public Benefits Fact Sheet

SeaGreenEyez 9 Aug 12

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This has been going on since ReaGUN every year TrumpOLINI is bragging about it via Twitter and Sonny Perdue racism is escalating


This just proves how willing those people to buy anything he vomits up😳


Big lies, little risk, given the "intelligence" of drump-lovers.....


Stupid is as Stupid is..

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