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Here's to my fellow lefties!

AzVixen52 7 Aug 13

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left eye dominant but mostly right-handed. might have been changed in school. pretty ambidextrous. control my mouse with left hand.


Effed up lefty here. Left handed. Would kick a ball with my right foot. Right eye dominant.


In 1st grade, I had to sit at the end of the row ( long bench) so I would not disturb my right-handed school mates. I also had red hair and freckles,so that made me a creature from hell. An ambidextrous creature from hell, nevertheless.


My cousin has one arm....uses a wheel spinner driving with his left hook clamp....Roger also races "figure 8"....demolition derby @ the cross loop


I'm a righty; my wife was a lefty. It mattered when we sat side-by-side.

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