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Me...if hell were real

BohoHeathen 8 Aug 13

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Old saying: Heaven don't want me and hell won't let me in.


Tell the demons don't bothers me or I'll start singing gospel songs lol.. which is a statement cause I really don't like Church music


The xians are 100% irrational with their eternal pain threat.... chronic pain people will tell you it gets boring and annoying fast veterans are trained in cognitive pain management short for think of something else ....if heaven was real I would cut off Hitlers testicles and crucify the alleged jesus for the first time it IT'S WORTHLESS EXISTENCE ....I love that cartoon where the muslim terrorists are surprised to see their 72 virgins in Paradise are all NUNS armed with assault rifles ready to shoot Mohammed also


Hell? I've got reservations for Dantes 9th Circle!!!!


'Right here, nearest the fire. Nice and warm and cosy.'

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