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Joe Rogan interviews Bernie Sanders. 8.6 million views in 6 days. 2.5 million views more than subscribers. 318,000 likes, 38,000 dislikes. But what's astounding are the comments. This interview was not only a great watch, the minds it changed and the discontent with MSM and Republicans is something to see. (Even if you don't watch the interview, a quick trip through some of the comments is worth a few minutes of time.)

SeaGreenEyez 9 Aug 14

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If he gets the nomination his running mate might be critical.

The lady from Hawaii is my pick.


When @HowieHawkins20 gets equal time all the blueREDS = redBLUES liars will not be so many people here want one billion tax dollars going for each death trap F35s flying out of VERMONT NATIONAL Guard when my US Navy pilots are resigning their commissions to avoid flying these deadly planes 2 pilots are dead and a dozen have crashed due only to Mechanical failure ....Bernie laughs and brags he got the bad birds reassigned to his state


Sander's Vs Trump should have happened 3 years ago.
Thanks DNC


I watched this the day after it was published and it had already gone viral with over 2 million views within 24 hours. Very encouraging. The interview was great.

I HAVE known Bernie since elected Mayor in VERMONT and the disappointing facts happen every year in office there, Congress, Senate and his DNC cowardly betrayal of all of us who worked for him February to August 2016....over 4 decades of broken great promises


Just the best.


Bernie is awesome

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