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Being an Atheist is easy compared to being an informed voter. We are all born Atheists. Religion is forced upon many of us but seeking out evidence about political candidates is highly pro-active. It's too easy to "believe" a candidates words like preachers and it is difficult reading the droll Congressional Record and the gibberish of the bibles. Fact checking politicians is a lifelong unpaid job most voters won't attempt. It's easy to enjoy white privilege be a patriarch and live upon stolen land in Peoria Palestine Pittsburgh Portland or Pecos....taxes are withheld from most paychecks and most voters don't do the math how many bullets did my taxes buy to shoot muslims for oil or Palestinians for Zion....Am I lucky or cursed to have watched Kruschev at United Nations on tv the same year dogs and monkeys were shot into earth orbit ? I want to know more who what when where why. I stopped believing there was a Santa, easter bunny and baby gawd all the same night December 25 1957....I paid attention in school and read many books merely for curiosity sake. I was horrified when walking home from school 59 years ago classmates chanted NIXON NIXON he's our man Kennedy lives in a garbage can.....I cannot play the childish believers game of sermon shopping for a political denomination of faith.....I was inside the bubble age 19 when the CONSTITUTION was amended to allow 18 year olds to vote....1971 was the year my draft # was 269.....only 94 were called up but I enlisted in the Navy anyway to stop the war from the inside....politics means people are dying, jobs are kept scarce and wages low....children and parents are eating poor food and breathing polluted food and drink....that is not going to change picking a blue or red horse to win on election day...but voting for @HowieHawkins20 is the strongest most honest 5 decade old mesage of peace through green jobs just like was 3 years ago

GreenAtheist 8 Aug 15

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Feel free to call me 843 926 1750 with questions or daughter age 24 thinks Governor Inslee of Washington State would be a good President to reverse climate change but Daily Kos has taken him off their recent poll....groups have rigged the current system anyway they want....Larry Carter Center @CatVetCommunity Twitter

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