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Territy Alert! Protect terra-true Peace, not terra-delusive war
Article published also on fb, [] . Our Family Terra needs Unity for systemized Protectivity. In fact, Terra is a Family-Ship. The Terrian Time is a limited Time. Pandetoxification is necessary. The HumanoDeity (=Humanity) has to think about and apply Protectivity (the Quality of Protection) before Productivity (the Quality of Production), globally. When your Ship is endangered, you have to protect It. Apparently, Terraprotectivism is the best religion/ethics for all Terrians. And only by Peace, not war, we can respect It.
Beware of (being) truth-fakers and/or truth-speculators! Where "spirits" appear, Truth is counterfeited, at least partially. Let us not make Truth a Lie, by a fraud-”spirituality”. Humans have to stop anything excessive in morality and in materiality, in sciarts, any terracide, the truthcide, the historycide, the genocide, the ecocide. Sciarts have to be first Terraprotective. We have to protect Truth(s) and TerraLife Itself from being over-intoxicated. Let us support Protectivity before Productivity, and Human&Terrian Sain Deity, not Human&Terrian Toxic Slavery! Stop to Terrapathy! Live Terraphily! 
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Victor Hugo, "Sauver Paris", 1870: "Serrons-nous tous autour de la république en face de l’invasion, et soyons frères. Nous vaincrons.
C’est par la fraternité qu’on sauve la liberté."
« Appel aux Allemands », 1870: « les deux nations ont fait l’Europe… Cette guerre, est-ce qu’elle vient de nous ? C’est l’Empire qui l’a voulue, c’est l’Empire qui l’a faite. Il est mort… Nous n’avons rien de commun avec ce cadavre » . Victor Hugo, "Saving Paris", 1870: "Let's tighten ourselves all around the republic in front of the invasion, and let's be brothers. We will win.
It is through fraternity that freedom is saved. "
"Appeal to the Germans", 1870: "the two nations made Europe ... This war, does it come from us? It was the Empire that wanted it, it was the Empire that made it. It is dead ... We have nothing in common with this corpse. "


tipi 7 Aug 15

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Earth is worth protecting that is why I only vote @HowieHawkins20 peace through green jobs

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