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What's your best hangover remedy?

Asking for a friend. 😉

NicThePoet 7 Mar 18

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Having Gatorade on hand is a good idea. Also, having a nice cuddle session with a girlfriend helps. Sharing an embrace with that special someone can do wonders for a headache.



Yeah, that works too.


In case anyone was curious, I feel much better after lots of water and some pizza.


Gatorade and pain killers


Not getting one in the first place!


I've been lucky to not suffer many hangovers, but hydration is they key.

If it's too late? Coffee is nice. Or maybe more alcohol. 🙂


God I wish I knew. For a past friend... 😉


Dioralyte for rehydration is an instant cure..

You should probably pay a lot more attention to @Tiffanny's answer than to mine 🙂


Hair of the dog...but then you're never hungover if you never stop drinking.

Not that I'm suggesting the latter. That "worked" for me too long...then it just didn't.


Whisky 🙂

Jnei Level 8 Mar 18, 2018

Haha, I can't fathom consuming alcohol again for a while.

@WickedNicki Hair of the dog lol! does work too..

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