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do we have a soul?--for all we know, the universe was for many billions of years before i came to consciousness. It will be for many billions after my body rots away. Is my being & memories only a brief spark in this enormous process ? Time is the only thing we know that doesn't change. It is always now. What happens when, as far as we know, our nows end. Religious fairy tales tell us of eternity. We think of eternity as a very long time. But is eternity now. We have an old joke, people dream of eternity, but they are bored on a rainy sunday afternoon. Scientists have no idea what the connection is between consciousness & brain activity. They know they can create certain feelings & thoughts by stimulating areas of the brain, but the relationship between the firing of synapses & the flow of neuro -hormones with experience is unclear. We don't really know how physical brain activity relates to consciousness. But then what are our lives? Are they, as shakespeare said, "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound & fury, signifying nothing" in the maelstrom of existence? Scientists tell us our universe may be only one of many universes, and this universe will someday end with a bang or a whimper. Does it matter to us that the universe will end, because our petty lives will end much sooner? Many dream of a hard drive existence, called the akashic records, where our egos & experience can be stored &, perhaps, called up later. We would love to believe our precious selves are not ephemeral blips on the vast cosmic panorama. In other words, do we have a soul, something of our being that will survive physical death? We would very much like it to be so, but liking it to be so doesn't make it so. Our wish cannot create reality. Scientists tell us what we experience is empty space with a little energy in it. What is energy? Some say it is the force to do things, but that says what it does, not what it is. Scientists also tell us 96% of our reality is dark matter & dark energy, which means we have no idea what it is. Scientists also tell us particles can be in two places at once, & influence each other at a distance without any known connection. They tells that what goes into a black hole ends at the "event horizon", & what happens in a black hole is a "singularity", which means they don't know what happens there. Scientists tell us on the quantum level, the sub atomic functioning that creates reality, things appear to be random. This seems to mean chance & uncertainty rule our lives, but randomness my reflect our lack of ability to understand, not anything in reality. So what is our relationship to this vast mystery? Does out being really matter? Do we have a soul or a hole?

Remiforce 7 Aug 26

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None of this has Any relevance to my actual life, nor, I think, to anybody else's except as an alternative to playing "Angry Birds".....


Meh, such is life get on with it.🙄


Without conscious awareness all those billions of years would be less than the blink of an eye in duration.

Maybe it’s not so much a question of whether we have a soul but rather who or what it is that has conscious awareness. IMO our sense of existence as an individual body is an illusion.

This illusion is demonstrated by the mental condition known as dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder, where various personalities might be exhibited by a single body. None of the personalities is the correct one—they are all equally illusional.

Also consider that the sense of self is heavily dependent on memory. Memory is notoriously unreliable and subject to going away.

You can lose your memory and still experience conscious awareness. In deep meditation yogis are unaware of their bodies and have no thoughts or memories. They are in a super conscious state.

I lean toward thinking that reality itself is conscious and that our bodies are nothing but robotic instruments.

Thank you for your analysis. If we have memory, which is notoriously fallable but creates our only sense of self, we must also consider the nature of the entity that is remembering. Is it pure consciousness? Can it interpret differently so that actually we have multiple selves, even when we are in the body. Certainly we remember being different at different times of our lives, but these memories might be just illusions. So we get to the issues of what is memory, what is remembering, what entity is remembering, & are we not one "self" but many selves?.

It's like the problem of reincarnation in Buddhism. What is reincarnated. It is not the ego, which is related to brain functioning & stops when the brain stops. Buddhist scholars say it is the karmic forces we have set in motion. Karma is the law of cause & effect. While we live, we set in motion various forces for good or ill which continue in the great scheme of things. So reincarnation is something like one billiard ball hitting another & sending it in a certain direction. It is not the self that is reborn but the karmic forces that continue.

Maybe it is not that our bodies have consciousness, but that consciousness, which is the ultimate essence of being, has our bodies.

@Remiforce We are on the same wavelength and I greatly enjoy your posts.

@WilliamFleming William, Thanks for your support & encouragement. It gots lonely out here being a thinking human being, or trying to be


It isn't necessary to type in all block caps and indeed it makes it difficult to read.

Sorry, I did put the origional in different type & used very effective paragraphing, but it might have been too long. When it went up, it got all squashed together. But I believe the insights are worth reading.

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