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I'm seriously thinking of deleting my FB but I need it for my home-based business.
Its only generating a few dollars a month so far but I'm tired of logging on and posting content.

FB makes me feel like I'm going backwards in my progress towards improving my self-esteem and mental health and I feel I may have to decide to choose between improving my mind or getting out of chronic financial hardship.

I just feel like dropping out of social media completely but how do I find another way to promote myself as a potential small business?

(My business is entertainment..See my Patreon for details..)

FinchiMcQueen 4 Aug 30

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I don't see FB as a place to promote a business except maybe some consumer brands. It's hardly the only social media game in town. If you don't like the toxicity on FB, use something else. Perhaps a blogging platform. You'll still have comments to moderate, but you have a lot more control over how you structure it.

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