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Has anyone else had a song so stuck in your head that you're walking around in public looking completely anti-social, stuck up, and borderline crazy? That happened to me yesterday. I was so busy singing inside my head, the cashier at the store asked me if I was okay, because I seemed unusually distant and unfriendly.

Ms_McSteven 7 Sep 8

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Yes, ear worms. I dream of music and wake up with songs in my mind.

Also when I get a ear worm I really donโ€™t like I chase it out by singing this; I can happily cope with it all day:

Itโ€™s the muppets ๐Ÿ˜Š

It's a gift to hear music...better that than concussive tinnitus from a very loud Vietnam war....just change your channel hum a different tune sing your own lyrics or sit down to a piano and play something different.....take charge of your harmonies and keep your eyes open to people talking dogs snarling and snakes rattling

@Ms_McSteven please tell us the title and a few lyrics ? Or is it Endless Parade you're covering ??

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