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I expected this site to have more members, since none believers are increasing. It seems we need to share the site with other people.

Mezie1 4 Sep 10

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We keep a lot of them locked up in the basement. Stick around... You'll hear their yells every now and then.


There are ‘more members’ 🙂 But youth doesn't not appear that well represented. Maybe it’s the ‘dating site’ aspect? Didn’t need to search the world when I was that age either ~

Varn Level 8 Sep 11, 2019

It has doubled in the time I have been here, about eighteen months.




You get points for linking on Facebook and bringing in new members


There are close to 100,000 members, which isn't too shabby considering this site is fairly new. Welcome to the community and thanks for your desire to share the site with others.

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