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I think it's well past time to overhaul the FDA.

Have the tv on while I'm doing other things, and caught
part of a commercial for a medication to help with a skin
Among the list of possible side-effects of said medication,
was the possibility of a "Parasitic Eye Infection".
Seriously. A "parasitic eye infection".

The corruption of the FDA and the blatant influence of Big Pharma can no longer be ignored, and must be stopped.

Granted, nothing will happen under this "administration", or
this Congress, but it's GOT to be done.

KKGator 9 Sep 13

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So is the parasite in the pill?!?
Specific organisms don't just spontaneously manifest!!!

I haven't been able to discern the way the parasitic eye infection manifests.
However, it would seem that regardless of how it manifests, the FDA ought not have permitted it's distribution.
When I hear about things like this though, I know someone got paid.

@KKGator when drugs are approved after trials, ALL REACTIONS must be disclosed by category....just one parasitic eye infection must be read aloud during drug commercials or 100 matters not the number with all other kinds of REACTIONS OBSERVED during trials.....farting diarrhea vomiting fever whatever matters not ....FDA approval is a guaranteed profiteering scam because people want drugs and don't listen to the fast talking reaction script

@GreenAtheist Why are you telling me this? I know how drug trials work.
I've participated in enough of them.


It's a giant agency controlling both food industry and bribes by dope pushing corporations and universities conforming to fake research for profits....when voter stop voting for bribed CANDIDATES blueREDS redBLUES and choose GREEN TRUTH TELLING CANDIDATES we can take back our government from big businesses @HowieHawkins20 peace through green jobs


I use a thyroid med that's been around over 100 years. But docs will attempt to tell me that it's unstable, unreliable, and impossible to regulate. They're wrong. Big pharma can't patent it because it's a natural product. (pig thyroid glands) They convince many that synthetics are better. But natural product will keep my bones full of calcium. They'll try to scare folks away from it and I have to fight to remain on the only thyroid med that worked for me. They used to dose folks by cessation of they rely on a subjective blood test using a pituitary hormone as a basis despite the fact that they don't bother to see if there is proper conversion by the body or if there is damage to the pituitary. Because if the pituitary isn't working right or the body doesn't convert correctly....synthetics don't work for shit and that blood test is unreliable.


This should scare all of us. Most of our drugs and precursors of drugs are made in China and India. The last mfg of penicillin closed the plant and demolished the buildings. Zantac Has Low Levels of a Cancer-Causing Chemical, the F.D.A. SaysZantac Has Low Levels of a Cancer-Causing Chemical, the F.D.A. Says. The chemical, NDMA, is the same one found in the blood pressure drug valsartan, which led to widespread recalls last year.


Do you not understand that clinic trials, and then test-marketing, require the reporting of ANYTHING that the test subjects experience dipuring the trial, even though it might be Completely unrelated to the med? I (and my ex) participated in some trials for a Lyme vaccine (tests halted because it did not work). Every headache, every rash, blah,blah,blah, had to be reported & tabulated, whether or not related (the rash was manifestly poison ivy, for example)

I understand plenty.


I called them when I had serious concerns about a med side effect a family member was having and my call was never returned.

MizJ Level 8 Sep 13, 2019


@KKGator It's ridiculous, are they not supposed to keep us safe? Why can't a citizen make reports?

@MizJ Anyone can report anything, as often as they like.
Most government agencies don't give a flying rat's ass about
citizen reports. Big Pharma hands out lots of cash. Citizens don't.

@MizJ If the congress can be bought off from corporations what makes you think any other branch of our government couldn't be bought off as well.

@Vintenar It angered and disappointed me

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