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I had some sympathy with Hong Kong protesters, but now their leader has called for Trump to include human rights in trade negotiations........pretty sure they are delusional.
The days of looking to America to defend or set the example for human rights are long gone.

powder 8 Sep 14

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Yes, I noticed that and thought exactly the same thing!

It’s the same as prayers to Jesus; great to give hope but not been empirically successful!


The Hong Kong protesters will never win. They are doomed and have been so since the British gave back the land to China without allowing those people, born and raised under British rules, a vote in the move. Sorry Britts, but this is your doing, and your cross to bear.
Remember China has a list of land (and water) that they intend to acquire and keep. Look at their passports. Included in, but not full list: Taiwan; South China Sea; part of India; part of Vietnam.
Hong Kong won't ever be free - remember Tibet.

British gave nothing, the lease ran out. How they got the lease in the first place is an interesting story.

@powder I know the story pretty well, and yes, the lease ran out. But to what China did they sign said lease? And after so much time and growth, would not the people living there have deserved more consideration. Something happening now - some Hong Kong residents with money are trying to obtain Macao passports. Hard to do legally, as Portugal, unlike Britain, allowed all the residents of Macao to have Portugese passports. Remember that Macao got the same deal and honestly. I don't know if Portugal had a lease or not, at the moment - I'll look later out of curiosity. (They held it longer and in the 70's started to divest of colonies)

@Beowulfsfriend just irks me when "the West" has civil unrest the coverage of both protesters and security forces response is vastly different than "other" countries. As is criticism of the political response.
Can you imagine a speaker of the house declaring him/ herself president and attempting an armed coup? Well, it happened in Venezuela and the upholders of freedom and democracy, the "West", cheered.
Now imagined if that happened in a Western nation, would the people in power still cheer one of their own going down in this way? I think not.


They picked the wrong horse,got a horses ass instead

They didn't pick; they got forced.


Did they totally forget about that Super-Power down under..? You know, New Zealand.. Perhaps if my nation backs away from being the world cop, a far more benevolent one will take it’s place 🙂

Varn Level 8 Sep 14, 2019

Perhaps try policing without a stick.

@powder How bout we hand it over to Putin ..or Jinping, then they can take the blame.

@Varn what exactly is being policed? Imperial policy the last decade. Not human rights

@powder Carter was a good man, I voted for him twice. He’s not there anymore. But looking around, you seem to be all over the place with this ...everywhere but your own backyard.. I’m OK when an ‘American’ comes down on ‘us,’ but begin to lose my patients when comments smack of disgruntled envy.

@Varn hypocracy is what gets my goat. Get the fuck out of Syria because as invaders you have seized land there, cheer Israel seizing land whilst strutting around claiming defenders of freedom and human rights? Like I said, HK protesters seem to be a tad delusional.

@Varn just add my govt is so up the US's arse, all I can say is shame.
Seen the same media coverage of French or Brexit protests yet? Didn't think so.


Yes, human rights is not something that is high on the US agenda no matter how they bleat about it.

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