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Cherrish humans, pets, nature and life... Please don't cherish materials... They're only made to serve us...
Also, believe it or not, money is not a real thing... Don't give it a value more than you give a value to garbage.. Actually, garbage is real money is still not real..

Neenz 7 Oct 8

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cherish nature as its your life line


I agree, and if I may add, throw all your money away, send it to me and I will dispose of this imaginary thing properly. You are welcome!

How can i send you what is not real?..
Better yet in which format would you dispose a none real object. Why feel the need to dispose it to begin with..
How about i send you the garbage that will be very helpful...

@Neenz let me worry about that.

@Mofo1953 garbage it is then.. what's the address?

@Neenz 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Wahington, DC


Yes Life of all kinds should be cherished


Another If only!!!!


Money, beyond a certain threshold, does not bring happiness.


Actually, animals and nature for sure.. but only about 1/2 of the humans I'm seeing lately ! 😟

I know.. Greed ignorance and selfishness are the major force to rule our planet by.. Sigh

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