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Media, movies and tv shows in particular, plus commercialism ... all this made the north American culture superficial, easily manipulated, fake emotions including the most sincere.
This lead to actions:
Caused concentrated sense entitlement=>
Caused more dependency on instant gathering =>
Caused more competitiveness for the financial rewards =>
Caused injustice and more imbalanced societal treatments=>
Caused snow flakes and vanilla feelings =>
Caused fake fight causes with more unjustifiable accusations and violations Caused less just treatments and more imbalance =>
Caused more angry self righteous individuals which lead to
Caused less trusting individuality resulted isolation which would naturally lead to mental illnesses and resentment.
Sorry... education is more than reading books or having school degrees..
Education comes with depth and uncomfortable exposure to life and reality..

Neenz 7 Oct 17

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Divide and conquer!

Media like religion is used by those we may or may not consider our leaders our mentors!

Sad but true!!!


My grandkids are home schooled, and st first I was skeptical. But, I now feel that they , in a lot of ways, get a better education. There are more field trips going to museums, music lessons , physical fitness ie soccer swimming etc than in public school.

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