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Jill Stein is baaaaack....2 years of drumpyland, not a peep out of her, no standing up to the current climate shitshow, zip, zilch, nada....but now it's time to "raise $$$$". For what, exactly? Do Not be taken in by this carnival barker!

AnneWimsey 9 Oct 17

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What did Jill Stein do to build a Green Party before she ran for president? If she had won, she would have no allies in Congress and been a lame duck. What has she done since she ran?


Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are nothing but proffessional candidates for president. I've had a sneaky suspicion that they were the inspiration for Trump to run - just ask for money in a campaign, people send it to you, you look like your doing something but your not, and when you lose there's money left over.

Then his ego got in the way, and we're so much worse off for it.

1of5 Level 8 Oct 17, 2019

She needs to climb back under her rock..


She should go home !


Unlike Greta Thunberg, Jill Stein has finished school and is a physician. Both are climate activists but what a difference.

Ummm, you do know Greta is 16 years old? Because just a weird comparison! And, "Jill Stein is a climate activist"???? Really, I have enjoyed her constant comments & articles so much in the last 2 years, when we have needed people to step up so badly....NOT! Huckster, snake oil seller, maybe. Activist? Not at all!


Enough of this lame excuse of rude, and despicable behavior of the brat.

The age 16 is not young. 9 is young, 10 is young. At 16, girls in Asian and African countries are putting food on the table for the family. Girls in Africa walk 6 to 9 miles everyday just to go to school.

If you want to understand what age 16 can be, just look at the speech of another 16 year old at the UN a few years ago by a brave girl called Malala Yousoufzai who spoke with eloquence, respect, gratitude with a simple message. She roused world leaders to a thundering applause and received a Nobel prize after a year.

If Jill Stein behaved like Greta at 16, she would not be a physician and a respected activist. You praise Greta and criticize Jill Stein. That says about what standards you hold for 'good'.

@St-Sinner nice "defense" of your inane comparison between a grown woman vs. a 16-year old girl.......ROFLMAO, LAME! Oh, and pointing out how Lame your remark was is somehow "praising" Greta? Not so much........

Not lame, it is the reality. Come out of your La La land. The world does not work as you want to. Greta is not a baby any more. She must behave.

@St-Sinner "behave"???? So, you are now in loco parentis? NEW FLASH: Nobody needs to "behave" according to your ideas, too bad so sad.......

Ill-mannered behavior, disrespect, yelling at world leaders will not be tolerated. She has nearly destroyed the cause and we do not to see her ever again.

@St-Sinner they fucking Deserve to be yelled at..daily..It's Her World she's fighting for..You don't like her message or how she presented it, to fucking bad, now Sit Down and Shut the fuck Up..

@Charlene It is one opinion but remember there is a huge disagreement as well. There are tree huggers and environmental terrorists out there but the mainstream public has not embraced that approach for decades. It is about different view points. What is right to some is not right to many others.

I cannot shut up because bad, nasty, people have to be called out and stopped. She is being shut down already.

@St-Sinner wow Fux news talking points, amazing.

@Charlene Fox News is praising Bernie Sanders because they know that Trump said in 2016 that going against Bernie Sanders would be dream come true. So should I support Bernie?

That is not going to happen in this life for me.

@St-Sinner uuummm, "faux news is praising Bernie"? Your meds need adjusting, stat?

@St-Sinner, you’re now outnumbered 3 to 1, so sit down and shut up.

No, you cannot be drowned out by climate fanatics and panicking cry wolf loonies. I must save the world from them. I am the voice of reason and common sense that is missing in extreme left wingers and right wingers.

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