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“You and me are real people, operating in a real world. We are not figments of each other’s imagination. I am the architect of my own self, my own character and destiny. It is no use whining about what I might have been, I am the things I have done and nothing more. We are all free, completely free. We can each do any damn thing we want. Which is more than most of us dare to imagine.” Jean-Paul Sartre

Archeus_Lore 7 Nov 14

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This quote is so often taken out of context it is unbelievable, Especially the last sentence.
Sartre himself was finally required to give a public lecture in 1945 to point out that he was not advocating for a license to do any thing than everything and was not promoting anarchism.
See "Existentialism is a Humanism," Jean-Paul Sartre 1946

We can each do any damn thing we want, but we must be willing to
A)accept and face the consequences of our actions
B)Extend the same privilege to everyone one else.

Most people familiar with Sartre would understand that anyway, but I suppose there are a few who may take license to interpret it otherwise.

@Archeus_Lore More than a few unfortunately, same thing happens with many philosophers, especially Nietzsche

True, the learning curve with Nietzsche . . . . is much steeper, and anyone who thinks they can just breeze over Nietzsche and follow what he is all about is really kidding themselves.

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