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There is a movie called The Ghoul starring Peter Cushing, that came out in 1975. I was a kid when I saw it, so maybe I remember it wrong.

Anyway, Peter Cushing's character was an ex priest that had lost his faith and he would kneel in the chapel at night and pray to get his faith back. I thought that was such a bizarre concept. Praying to somebody you didn't believe in.

When I was a little older, I got it a little. When I was honest with myself, I didn't believe anymore, but I wanted to. I wanted to believe in a soul, and heaven, but I just didn't. I wonder how many people down deep don't believe, but can't let go.

URAKENT 5 Nov 23

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The Ghoul is a magnificent film, made by Tigron pictures and featuring the first on screen appearance of the late John Hurt and Don Henderson.
In the film as you say Cushing as the ex-Missionary has lost his faith because his son who died in India could not be saved by god or science, but was resurrected by Kali worshipers with the need to feed on human flesh to stay alive.
Cushing as the reverend Doctor Lawrence, is more traumatized by the fact Hinduism seems more true and powerful than Christianity than he is by his son's condition, thus leaving his son in the care of his Hindu Nanny of twenty years.


It must be the most heart-rending conundrum for deeply religious people to lose their conviction.

How do you reconcile everything you ever believed in to be untrue like discovering that your parents are not your parents at all.

I am sure there are many looking for a sign and many will find one!

But at the end of the day, we know nothing, so we should be understanding and not chastising.

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