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The plot to wage war on Christianity and Christmas is a wholehearted conspiracy theory that has no basis in fact.

SageDave 7 Nov 23

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It's all Bullshit.
Call it what you will all people have ever cared about during the winter solstice is getting pissed, eating too much and getting better presents than you gave.
I love it and can't wait for it


The best way to wage war against Christmas is to ignore it!


It's transferred anger and fear. Christians sense the growth of secularism, the increasing numbers of openly stated non religious people, the indifference towards religions of Millennials, and this scares them. So they invent imagined wars against their silly festivals and the rest of their Bronze Age beliefs, both to rally their followers and to have an 'enemy' that is 'persecuting' them.

It's obvious and pathetic really. What they are having a war against is change and social evolution, and no one wins that war.


If they were fond of facts, they would not be christians.

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