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I had to do a Google search to make sure this was an actual quote and not a hoax... And it's real! He really said this!

Asking for a friend: Donkeys get naked?!

DGJ0114 7 Nov 23

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If only Cathrine the Great had gotten his sagely advice. She passed when the donkey fell on her during sex with said donkey.


Well what do you know Anne Summers and Victoria's Secret have save the world from demonic babies?


Shades of “Rosemary’s Baby” there.... maybe he’s a fan of Polanski’s ! Not sure about the donkey though...maybe he watched Two Mules For Sister Sara too!!


Cripes! If he’s a scholar I wish I’d gone to the same school as him. That’s pretty wild thinking, especially the donkey reference. Brings a new idea to the hung like one, and many new tributaries of thought that can spring forth.

I mean, Satan and donkeys, talking donkeys monkeys and donkeys. At which point...

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