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The words "free thinkers" do not exist in developing countries. This is so because humans, according to the majority, are incapable of thinking, or thing else for that matter. God, they say, does everything.
Question; Is there ever a need to study, be a doctor, engineer, etc?

1979Emm 4 Nov 24

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It sounds like ‘developing country’ is a perjorative term for countries deemed inferior.

Perhaps we need to determine what a ‘developed country’ looks like so that we have a control to measure ‘developing countries, against. And the types of thinking required in order to make a judgement as to whether the type of thinking is free or not!


I’d be careful about making generalizations about “developing countries”. All countries are developing in one way or the other, and all countries have free-thinkers.

Besides that, 76% of US doctors believe in God.



"This is so because humans, according to the majority, are incapable of thinking"

and yet we still allow all people to vote.

When you let apes vote, why are you surprised when they elect an uran-utan


Not according to the Christian scientists there isn't no. Are you saying the USA is a developing country?


Not sure what that question is all about!?


What’s a developing country?

Countries with least modern infrastructure, technology, amenities, etec.

@1979Emm A bit like London and Melbourne then?

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