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First day and I see many commonalities with Australian atheists but there are social, legal differences.
Religion does not have anywhere near the same following or social power as in the USA. We do not elect the local sherif or judges etc so there is no god fearing election campaigns.
Is there an Australian group on the site?

Catholic 4 Nov 24

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I'm from Australia but live in the US.
The unfortunate thing in Australia is that christian religions have, since the first European settlement, instilled themselves as the teachers of morals. And they have a very strong political strength in the government schools.

The first schools I Australia were christian private schools, and they still exist today.

There are arguments in the public school systems about starting a secular morality class. The churches are against anything that doesn't teach their abhorrent lessons.

The catholic church has been losing it's standing after a government commission about the child abuse and subsequent locking up of major church members.


Yes there is Aussie skeptics. You get a wonderful hello when you join. The more I hear about Australia, the more I think about moving there.


G’day, mate.

Where the bloody hell areya? I am in northern NSW 50k north of Coffs Harbour.


Totally off subject.
How bad are the brush fires this year?

I live in northern NSW between Coffs and Grafton. I survived 2 Ash Wednesdays in Adelaide (SA) but I have never experience fires as fast, ferocious and unstoppable as these in the last two weeks, 1,300,000ha, about 2.5 million acres all gone. A fire front 3000km long. Catastrophic destruction.
God works in mysterious ways, that's why our "happy clapper" prime minister took 8million in funding from the fire service but sent us loads of thoughts and prayers.


Welcome to the’ll find a few fellow Aussies here, and also a few Brits, like me, I live in Northern Ireland where we have Orange and Green politics, and religious interference by blocking progressive legislation by the DUP has kept us in the dark ages as far as abortion and gay marriage laws are concerned, because we have certain things devolved to the separate countries in the UK. Westminster has finally intervened and we have finally been dragged into the 21st century. In general though, the UK like Australia whose laws and constitution are based on ours, is free from religious interference or influence because our judiciary is quite separate from politics, and any patronage that could be conferred.

Ireland seem to be forging ahead socially now you have contained the conservative religious groups. I hope it continues. Unfortunately I believe Australia is going backwards.


I know, neither does the rest of the world, two politicians trying to out jesus one another. Its sickening mate. . i live in this shit but i'm glad folfs like you remind me me theres other places to live.


You’ll be looking for the group Aussie sceptics here


That is all so true, however the Happy Clappy is trying to change all that.

You have got that right! "Thoughts and prayers" is the biggest insult you can give to anyone in Aus now.


The closest I've been to Australia has been meeting people who were/are from there but I haven't been disappointed so far. I'll bet you meet my expectations. And I hope we live up to yours.

Not a bad bunch in general except when you meet a politician!
Thanks for the welcome.


Howdy and welcome here.

Thanks for the welcome.

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