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How were the pyramids really made, and who built the Pyramids? Did aliens build the pyramids? Is there proof that Jews didn't build the pyramids, or that the pyramids weren't built by slaves? And more importantly, how do we actually know what we know.

Unfortunately, many experts often gloss over how we actually know what we know, and I think that can be the most important part because it halts conspiracy theorists dead in their tracks.

Sure there are occasional gaps in our knowledge, but that doesn't mean that every baloney hypothesis is equally likely (I'm looking at you David Icke). I hope you like his video and learn something new. If so, please consider subscribing and sharing it with your friends.

holykoolaid 5 Dec 5

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The Great Pyramids were built by conscripted labor, with every village expected to contribute its quota of draftees .For their efforts, the workers received free gruel, and free beer!

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