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Incoming Rant:

So, a forenote before I start.
Not posting this to get sympathy at all.
Not posting this to get a reaction whatsoever.
I'm posting this to vent.
So here we go:

Today started as any other day.
Nothing particularly exciting. Just a normal day.
One of my friends was the first to say happy birthday to me and she gave me a pretty good laugh with an Oregon Trail meme. I definitely needed it.
Anyway, as the day progressed...
The extended family came out of the wood works with their generic birthday wishes. (Not the problem)

So, when I responded to my aunt... Not even 5 minutes later, she send me a message to tell me my uncle is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
(I knew what she was doing, as it's in their blood. She was seeking attention and sympathy)
I remained as cordial as possi me and wished him well.
And she was trying to milk it. Seeking thoughts and prayers for her poor, dear brother...

I pointed out that when I moved to be close to "family" back in 2005... Not a single one of them had anything to do with me. When my brother passed in 2010... They all contacted my father and not a single one reached out to me...
Fast forward even further...
When my father passed away in 2014...
No attempts to reach me were made.
I am not a difficult person to find.

My "aunt" decided to tell me about this information that has been known for more than a week. On my birthday.
In an attempt to have my attention diverted to her...
I remained cordial. I told her that I'm sorry to hear that he had pancreatic cancer and I wished him well. And I left it at that.
Again, she tried to milk it and I flat out told her that if she thinks "thoughts and prayers" are going to save him... Then they may as well say their goodbyes now and make their funeral arrangements.

This seemed to have upset her.
Not that I care.
They kept me exiled from their family.
I am not obligated to be friendly or compassionate towards them.
I said what I had to say.
And I left it at that.

Rant over...

NeoXerops 6 Mar 25

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I'm sorry. Toxic family is the worst. Wishing you a happy Birthday anyway.

Thanks, I appreciate it.
And indeed they are.

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