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When the impeachment trial goes over to the Senate, Trump's toady Moscow Mitch will have a lot of say over how the trail proceeds, especially if 51 Republicans vote with him.

He can determine how long the trial will last & the schedule for it, the rules of evidence, such as what witnesses can testify & what evidence can be presented.

They may institute rules that only Republicans can question witnesses. They may call witnesses who have nothing to do with The Articles of Impeachment, such as Joe & Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff.

Trump, with the help of his shill Mitch, may turn this proceeding into a reality television Kangaroo Court.

Hopefully 51 Republicans may not vote with Mitch to change the rules where they investigate the investigators & such.

Also Chief Justice Roberts will preside. He is an institutionalist who appears concerned about the reputation of the Supreme Court. He may not be willing to go along with creating a pro-Trump farce.

Also the Democrats in the House will send over managers who act as prosecutors. They may have some say in what happens.

So hopefully Trump won't get his reality T.V. farce show trial

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I agree with the K9. My only hope is that a 'purple' america can get enough blue to rally and put enough of those Senators on the spot.

If there was any time to turn out and vote, it's 2020.

2020 is definitely the time for those who care about our democracy & republic to vote. seems a good way to put pressure on the Senate, especially if you are from a red district.


It's going to be very interesting. The Senate trial will be where the "rubber hits the road" as they say.

Right now, in a Dem controlled House, it is easy for Republicans to hold a No-Vote protest because they can afford to - the majority will win so why risk their seat?

The Senate doesn't have it so lucky. Whoever is up for re-election next year may have a tough sell campaign if they act as cavalier as their House counterparts.

Vote No and risk angering the voters, Vote Yes and risk angering a man who, even without the Presidency behind him has enough money and influence to do real damage to enemies, real or perceived.

Yessiree, it shall be a shitstorm. Who's bringing the popcorn???

Will this be a horror movie, a drama, a comedy, a fantasy (at least on the Republican's part)?

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