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I have no problem with any Jews. My sympathies with Israel began when I read exodus when I was a boy. I still see it as fact though that modern Middle East conflict mainly started when Israel was born with the support of America. I think that the world felt such sorrow and disgust after the holocaust that the splitting of existing boundaries was allowed to happen.
This is an odd turn of events and speaks to the lobby that supports Trump. Everything that this man seems to do is for his self interest. I guess that this is no different. It just doesn’t seem right.

Grahame 6 Dec 12

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I’m no WWII expert but part of the problem I believe was when the British Mandate for Palestine ended in 1948, do began the Arab-Israeli conflict with Israel taking 60% of the territory allotted to Palestine.

For the source of all this we have to go back to 1917 and the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Balfour Declaration and a National homeland for the Jewish people, but that is getting way beyond my area of knowledge.

@Grahame Yep. Like India Pakistan 1948 and the British demarcation.

In the 90s Rwandan gennicide was due to, I think it was the Dutch, giving preference in the early days of colony preference to the Tutsis and the Hootoos were treated like slaves.

Consequently when the Dutch administration left years of resentment spilled over and all hell broke loose.

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