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Anyone who starts a hashtag campaign should know by now that these things never go as intended. So when the hashtag #TheBibleHasTaughtMe starting making the rounds yesterday, it fell into the hands of some secular-minded folks who shared their own, albeit sarcastic, experiences.

The idea was for people to share how the bible has impacted their lives. Unfortunately, not everyone has had a positive experience.

That’s not to say that the campaign didn’t churn out thousands of glowing reviews, like these:

Hilly Hindi

#TheBibleHasTaughtMe that no matter what I'm going through, I can turn my eyes to Jesus and He will always accept me with open arms. †

2:39 PM - May 1, 2016
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Kalon Rae
#TheBibleHasTaughtMe that power can easily turn a message of love into hate.

4:02 AM - May 2, 2016
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Here are a few of the best ones (in my opinion):

Adam Newman

#TheBibleHasTaughtMe that there are always "rolling papers" available in a hotel room.

6:00 PM - May 1, 2016

phxbillcee 9 Mar 27

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I like the rolling papers one!! Been there, done that!!

The rest was just the set-up!

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