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Amidst the terrible fires in Australia, those that made it (some didn't) found time to comfort and express "thankful to have made it alive".

TimeOutForMe 8 Jan 9

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I've seen a pic of a 'roo hugging a human, too. Presumably a rescuer.

Also heartbreaking videos of koalas with severe burns. Such plaintive cries.

My guess concerning the arson is that some pyromaniacs saw an opportunity to set the fire they'd always dreamed of an get away with it and tell themselves it didn't really do any harm in the long run. But maybe that's giving them too much credit. Maybe they were just cruel.

@mordant taking pleasure in the suffering of innocent human beings and animals is a sick state of affairs. Sounds too Christian too me. You heard what one if the sacked Christian rugby players said. He said the fires is punishment from god, because Australia allowed abortion and same sex marriages. He said this from a pulpit.

@TimeOutForMe Yeah that's a different class of sadism and selfishness than pyromania, but you're quite right. It is what I mean when I say that fundagelicalism is a funhouse hall of mirrors. It's entirely untethered from reality and normal cause and effect, so if there's a bad outcome from a bad action you can just claim it's god's will. Anything from righteous punishment to Mysterious Ways. Problem solved. Never an inconvenient truth to them. And you're never wrong. Those guys can't STAND to be wrong, ever.

@mordant pyromaniacs should be locked up and the keys thrown away. No cure for pyromania.

@mordant I came across this article and thought should let you in on it. Perhaps not pyromaniacs after all?


@TimeOutForMe One must always suspect bots if the source is social media and many "news" sources are trolls. The motivation for such trolling in this case would be to undermine the notion that this is climate-related. Thanks for the link. In all honesty I haven't had time to follow it as closely as my wife, who has interestingly not mentioned arsonists to me at all ... so maybe she's onto this. I'll have to ask her.


Maybe ROO fighting will stop now like dog and cock fighting is banned in USA

@Larry68Feminist I cannot stand it when human beings subject animals to this type of torture and abuse for the sake of gambling.
Currently Kangaroo Valley and Kangaroo Island fires are escalating by ferocious winds and not easy to contain.
It doesn't matter that it's happening in Australia. It should be a concern for all humanity especially since people and animals are dying and being displaced. It's really sad.
We also have similar climate and terrain in South Africa., the same seasons at the same time of the year just different time zones.

@TimeOutForMe humans need to undo pollution caused climate changes and irrigate brushfire areas restoring habitat for natural species ....quit doing all that evil for money....only humans kill for coins or paper profits


I've got pics of the charred remains of those that didn't make it and it's not a pleasant site. The pic I posted shows the love they have for the other, that they made it! It's a rather touching (and sad) pic

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