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It appears our community is not free from it's own mystical thinkers. In the language of skepticism, the term woo refers to the amorphous yet seemingly profound language used to convince people that there is meaning in nonsense.


Rufus_Maximus 7 Mar 29

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I'm on the fence about this. On one hand I think science is the best tool we have to understand our world and ourselves. On the other hand ,woo and intuition are deeply intertwined with human creativity, I think its just how our brains are set up.

My personal take on the whole thing is that some "woo" works but it works for rational reasons. For instance, meditation. Do I enter some alternate reality and speak with spirits when I'm meditating? I don't believe so but I find that answers to problems I'm having will come "floating" into my head while I meditate. I think it's a "hack" for our brains.

Same thing with reading tarot cards, doing a psychic reading etc. We're tapping into our intuition which can be really good at solving problems our concious thinking process struggles with. I will agree that convincing people you have psychic power and some secret line on the "universe" is inherently dishonest and manipulative.

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