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I don’t tell many people that I’m agnostic. Where I live, I’m part of a seemingly nonexistent minority. The thought of an entire online community of like-minded people blows my mind. Looking forward to this experience. I thought this was a dating site, but I think I was mistaken.

BrendaStar 4 Mar 29

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We are in, if not the Bible belt, atl east the Bible suspenders of Michigan. I've found most are pretty quiet about their religion. Don't poke the bears is my personal philosophy. And like someone else said, this can be a dating site if you want, though eligible folk seem few and far between so far. Not being disparaging, but just not a lot of folk on here yet.


I can understand that being anonexistent minority. I think it is a dating site, that's why I am on here.

it is if you want it to be

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