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I am Bored... Let's Start Some Shit... Supposedly it was Seal Team Six Commander that gave the Codename "Geronimo" to the "Unknown Target" they were Practicing and Rehearsing a Mission For. Target end up being Bin Laden. Was Ever a Member of an American Native Tribe... Apache as Geronimo or Not complaining the use of codename Geronimo for Bin Laden? I will like to know. Reckon Seal Team Six Commander Did Not Had the "COJONES" to call the Target... Kunta Kinte, Shaka Zulu or Mandingo.

GipsyOfNewSpain 9 Mar 1

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I believe if I were Apache, I would be put-off. Rightfully so.

But as far as any Seal team leader demonstrating COJONES by naming the operation Shaka Zulu or Mandingo, no. Career military officers are steeped in discretion from day 1. Seal members comprise every race.

A Non-Discretionary comment.


Sounds like a racist mofo to me.

Can you picture ameriKKKa without Racism?

@GipsyOfNewSpain I wish

@Desertcactus ...Then The Whole World Shit Out of Luck.


Hey Gipsy! Welcome Back! And Badass pic of Geronimo!


Nice way to start some shit, and good point


Hahaha! Great to see you again!
Well .. I just don't know.

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