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If god needs to be protected - then god depends on the protector. And if god depends on a protector - then that protector must be more powerful than god. For this reason, men defend their god.

Archeus_Lore 7 Mar 24

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Welcome to the insanity of blasphemy laws.

Legislators that promulgate and pass such laws suffer from catastrophic cognitive failure.


i guess this is covered in idols made of wood too btw. I mean you are like literally saying what Yah is saying in those passages. See we have forgotten the significance of "unpronounceable" and Unknown God now, any god whose name you can pronounce, and you can say you "know" enough to "love" (or hate) or accuse of "obvious mistakes" is a god made of wood, basically


youre assuming that Yah needs protecting, i guess, when there is no "one" to protect. Yah is "spirit?"

People often protect figments of their imaginations, it is no surprise.

@Archeus_Lore i would agree that "figment" is pretty close, but that suggests that "spirit" does not exist? So, bc religious ppl have appropriated the term, that means it is imaginary? I don't think that will hold up very well tbh. So, so what if the blind want to protect a figment of their imaginations, say an Old White Guy on a Throne, bc they don't understand? Too? You can't create, appropriate, detect, even direct your "spirit?"
understand why the publicans and prostitutes are beating you into the kingdom is said to them for a reason i guess

How exactly does imagining a winged, purple and white polka-dotted elephant that flies around the rings of Saturn with a unicorn stuffed up its ass . . . suggest a "spirit"?

@Archeus_Lore well, yes, the old white guy with a big white beard in a white gown meh right, i would maybe lean more in the direction of say walking into a room and telling all the kids theyre going to disneyland or something, to get at "spirit?" Or maybe take the temperature of a room, or ask a woman about her hubby's "mood" we call it, after work, more like that maybe? I mean fwiw i don't ever expect to "meet" Yah, at least the way we usually mean that.
"This is the maximum level of being with me" BBRodriguez i think?

done ayahuasca? i havent, but shrooms helped me get over the father issues, if that is pertinent; turns out a lot of ppls perceptions of their father tend to color or control their perceptions of "god?"
Do you and your da have a good relationship? etc

@Archeus_Lore you know that the religious are the most ripped on in the Bible right, i mean the NT is basically a record of the implosion of a theocracy? When you start "baptizing ppl in the Jordan" which btw has zero to do with dunking anyone in water anyway well you gotta already know they are coming for your head in a theocracy, yeh? That is sedition?

It has been paradoxically proven that both ontologically and semantically existent events, with a few subcatagorical and cosmological imperatives, sententially, are within the grasp of the average pan troglodyte. I would not venture to comment on it, but the product that issues from these deterministic tendencies of the intransigent, imperceptive superorganisms could be just a Götterdämmerung brought on by excessive flatulence.

@Archeus_Lore ah, so youre an orphan then?


i think that is why the Unknown God is contemplated in the Bible, fwiw


There is no god. Man invented protects his invention, defends god !

And makes excuses for all his obvious mistakes.

imo yes, that happens also, and is quite prevalent i guess, making gods in ones image, and "worshipping" them by bowing down and whatever? Just like Xtians do today in what they call "church" but it isnt? too? But that doesnt mean there isnt something imo, k? When i read the Bible to a believer they usually start crying lol
No Son of Man may die for another's sins
No one has ever gone up to heaven
There is only One Immortal

you can literally watch their cognitive dissonate lol

tbh i have no idea if there is a Yah or not, im prolly just a troll

@JackPedigo imo yes, that happens also...ha deja vu anyway lotta babies havin fun with no money end up having it all and moaning about it too i guess huh; and a pretty lg bunch are just mad at Yah too. The Yah that does not exist i mean. right.

i gotta link somewhere, a psych thing, if you read it and associated it with your "obvious mistakes" thing there you would be pretty pissed at me i guess lol


As much as I enjoy that line of thought, I can't agree. Small children will loudly defend their parents, even though the parents are obviously more powerful.

Verbally (rather than physically) defending something has more to do with ego, than with the "something" being defended.

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