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Staying home alone, again, tomorrow. Not thanking a non existant diety for anything. Plus, being a vegan, not having anything to do with the turkey carcass either. I'm a big girl, I can handle it.

kimberlee0314 3 Nov 22

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I also need trust restored in love .....politically most people would become Vegan if they needed a hunting license to buy animal cadaver from grocery stores AND WE'RE REQUIRED TO WORK ONE HOUR A MONTH on the kill floor of a slaughter house....hear the death screams and watch the light of life go dark in the eyes of "food"


Welshman here, thank goodness I'm alive to enjoy a day working. I hope you find some ways to enjoy yourself.


I'm staying home, too. My aunt used to host dinner, but she's getting older and it's a lot of work and stress even when others are doing most of the cooking and cleanup. So, I'll be home, eating fruit, not sure if I'll grab anything else from the store. I don't want to go to any trouble, and I'm a vegetarian so a lot of the traditional fare isn't on the menu anyway.

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