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Posted with some trepidation: Bill Gates on the Spiritual opportunity given us by the coronavirus.
NOT religious please note, but humanitarian.

NOTE: misascribed to Gates, author unknown but content valuable.

Allamanda 8 Mar 25

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This was a fake post, as detailed by BBC News. []

@Allamanda I know but I think it needs to be made explicit at the top, as its hidden in a lot of discussion about spirituality.

@Allamanda Thank you, I do try.


Gullible much?

I always practice social distancing when it comes to fake news. πŸ˜‰

β€œIn the heat of events yesterday, The Sun online mistakenly published a spoof story which was doing the rounds on email. The story has now been removed. Every day The Sun chooses not to publish hundreds of stories and we apologise for this error."


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