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Do you think the churches will be full on Easter? How will the churches act. responsible or irresponsible?

Jk1960 7 Mar 25

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They should arrest any pastor that holds service. They can do it on streams from home. They can infect entire communities with their stupidity (more than they usually do).


"Easter" lol, dunno how they might possibly be responsible after supplanting Passover for a pagan fertility goddess?

but to your point, who gets to define "responsible?" The 80% of asymptomatic ppl, or the 90% who are living in fear?


I predict the majority will be responsible enough to cancel. But it's hard to know.


Some will


Responsible churches will not be open

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 26, 2020

@Jk1960 one that looks after the flock first there are some here

@Jk1960 well it is sure not a building i guess anyway huh?


I believe there will be a fair amount of church pastors willing to snub the scientists and doctors by asking their congregation to show their faith in the face of danger. Folks will want to prove their love for God by going to church if that's what Trump wants.

Hopefully the elected officials of each locale will warn the churches not to gather more than 10 people or face being cited or arrested. Well, that might actually make the churches want to do it more, for the show of martyrdom.


For all our sakes I surely hope not.

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