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Total KNOWN world Coronavirus cases are about to top half a million! (499,303 cases as at 18.00h GMT.)
(Time error just corrected!)

Petter 9 Mar 26

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so to put that in perspective, 0.00714285714 or .71% of the total pop. Fwiw the number of additional deaths daily are also statistically insignificant. Where is the disconnect, iyo?

What on earth is fwiw and iyo?
Acronyms are idiotic except for a few well known ones, such as WHO, NATO, UN etc. (itself an acronyn for et cetera)

@Petter well that might be your law, but wadr it is not mine, and if chrome and/or highlight/look up are not working for you, then you can just disregard those anyway?

No relevant info is lost iow, if you just read "the number of additional deaths daily is also statistically insignificant. Where is the disconnect?"

but to answer your Qs, "for what it's worth" and "in your opinion" and wadr etc is an abbreviation i think, not an acronym?


26.00 GMT? Hello? GMT goes from 00:00 to 23:59:59, or 24:00:00 if there is one leap second in that day.

Still, I am not looking forward to it going over 500,000 cases.

Oops! Fat-finger-on-phone-keyboard syndrome. Now corrected!
Today, at 13.00h GMT, the total is 552,000 - and rising fast. It's on target for a one day increase of at least 75,000 cases.

@Petter Fat finger on keyboard syndrome. I love it! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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