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A diversion might help relieve some of the madness around us all? The thought popped into my head about "self". I was doing a simple task at the kitchen sink, and the thought popped up and I asked myself, why do I do it that way? Then I thought, is it "me" or my brain? t.
The diversion is to give some thought about this fallacy of self. Cheers, GROG

GROG 6 Mar 26

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you can even regress back to the day you first recognized your "self," at about 18 months or so, although that day seems to be a wall that you cannot see behind, at least for most ppl? "Pre-self-consciousness" that is, but even "pre-reflective self-consciousness" has useful parallels i guess


Sounds like the brain is bored!

Maybe the brain could buy itself a jigsaw puzzle to wile away its lonely hours

hard to believe, but you made your "self" up!

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