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The Big Bounce has challenged the Big Bang!
If correct, the universe is eternal-- it was never created (by 'god' or in any other way) and will never end, but instead go on forever, in a neverending cycle of expansions and contractions.

Storm1752 8 Mar 26

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I have always thought this. The human mind has trouble encompassing the idea of eternity other than in fictional explanations.


I submit the possibility that before anything existed, there would have been complete and total non-existence. No matter, no energy, no space, even no time. What would be the properties of non-existence?

Per the article above, "The standard narrative of how the universe began…There was an infinitely dense point of an infinite temperature with no size called a singularity. This singularity exploded, creating all the space, energy, and matter that we consider to be our universe in an event called the Big Bang".

To me, an "infinitely dense point of an infinite temperature, with no size" sounds like a reasonable description of the state of non-existence.

I do not submit this as fact. It is just one man's opinion.


the point there might be mostly to equate "eternal" with "forever" once again, just to cement the error in everyone's mind; even though "eternal" comes from "aeon, a space of time, an age" originally, see. As to the big bounce theory, that fits the orig def of "eternal" quite nicely imo, whether it works out or not, dunno


I knew that 50 years ago. It's in the vedic writings It's called the 'Breathing of BramHa

Science is so lame

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