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What is the hardest thing to believe in the Bible?

there's a plethora of options of course!

for me, I'd say that It's the snake~~ that can talk

I almost chose the talking bush but I'm pretty sure that I've heard a bush talk, my ex had one! 😉

AkEyHeAdAkE 5 Mar 28

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Everything from Genesis 1:1 to Revelations 22:21.

You might also want to ask the same question about the Torah, the Quran and the Pastafarium.


so stop reading so literally imo, wasnt meant to be read that way anyway

I think you may be right, but a lot of people don't know that.

@AkEyHeAdAkE bc i have learned--or rather am slowly learning--to read in the naive dialectic, from which the Bible was written. We in the west read from the logical, or hegelian dialectic, the same way we are taught to reason, but the Bible is not written that way, hence wisdom is hidden from the wise, he who says he knows does not, etc. So, there are no literal talking snakes in the Bible, Adam and Eve is you in two aspects, etc. "Serpent" = "human wisdom" probably

@AkEyHeAdAkE ha, hardly lol. i was raised saying "this is that, that is this" too. The naive dialect is also known as "Eastern" dialect? Orientals are raised to reason from a diff pov than us, more like Dao, if youre fam with that? I gotta link somewhere if you want.

@AkEyHeAdAkE and it isnt that i want to read from any other dialect, so much as understand the dialect the Bible was written in. But really it is, or can be, as simple as realizing that you can say "i just love __" and really be meaning you hate ___, and etc


Original sin. That's a set up to fail from the start! No one can win with that bullshit clause.

Did you know that Jews don't believe in original sin? Another way Christians "improved" the religion, LOL

@altschmerz Nor do the believe in Jesus. I based my comment on the dominant evangelicals in this area. They come up with batshit crazy beliefs. Then disagree with other churches on a whim 🙂

@freeofgod that, my friend, is the history of Christianity in a nutshell.


There's a talking donkey too


That 2,000,000 Jewish slaves left Egypt under Moses when 2000BCE there were barely twice that many people in the entire world and Egyption history makes no mention of the incident AT ALL


The fact it exists and people are gullible enough to take it seriously. duh


Talking snakes and bushes aren't actually that hard to believe in if you've ever done mushrooms. Which, I suspect, some of the contributors to the Bible did quite often (especially John of the Revelation).

Jnei Level 8 Mar 28, 2020

17 million animals on a five hundred foot wooden boat is pretty far out there.

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