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What's the difference between religion and spirituality?

i personally say theres no difference! reason being, a spirit is a religious concept as is a soul.

any input is encouraged

AkEyHeAdAkE 5 Mar 30

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i agree that the terms have been appropriated, but wadr they do not have to be defined that way. A good illustration of "spirit" might be to walk into a room full of kids and tell them they are all going to Disneyland? And "soul" just meant "life" in the Bible; the two terms are interchangeable. It is only the deceived who believe they "have" a soul
and Adam became a living soul


There is no difference, it is just playing semantic games.
Spirituality always connotes mysticism or a supernatural element, and therefore alls in to exactly the same category of superstition as does religion.


It perhaps depends on how you define the word spirituality. Spirituality is an almost meaningless word with no clear definition, therefore people are able to use it to mean almost anything they want, ( Like, 'thingy'. )

Which means it is used for everything from. "I can talk to dead people." to. " I sometimes have emotions which do not fit with any of the words usually used to describe emotions." And many other things between and around those. For myself I find it hard to think there is any truth in the first, but I think it is quite likely that the range of words we usually use for emotions has large gaps in it, through which some emotions fall.

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