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My Norwegian friends informed me that this is a Norwegian Dad that lives only 10 minutes from them.That is not surprising because my Norwegian friends are wonderful parents.


Lorajay 9 Mar 30

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I'm half Norwegian. Can we be half friends? 🤣🤣

I have Spanish friends as well. I've never quite figured out what you are though.

@Lorajay It tells the world on my profile.
Ethnically half Norwegian, quarter Swiss and quarter South African.
Born in Kenya, live in Spain as a resident, and fully a part of the Spanish health and pension system. Nationality British, despite not having any British blood whatsoever in my veins. I have never lived or worked anywhere in Britain.
One quarter Jewish, from my maternal grandfather. Baptised into the Catholic religion and a devout atheist.
..... or to put it more concisely, I'm a Mongrel.

@Petter No wonder I'm confused. Will Brexit affect your resident status?

@Lorajay Not at all. Because I have lived and worked here legally since 1988, paying all my taxes and social security contributions, I am considered a permanent resident.


That was adorable!


I'd like to know where he found that dress in his size

As cool as he is, he probably made it.


Love in action....beautiful! ....and he looks just like my son...but he only has boys!


That's cool

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