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I am of the species Homo Sapiens, of the genus Homo, of the tribe Homini, of the subfamily of Homininae, of the infraorder Simian, of the suborder Haplorhini, of the order Primates, of the class Mamilia, of the phylum Chordata, of the kingdom Animalia, of the lifeform Earthling. I am made of atoms and as member of the species Homo Sapiens, approximately 60 percent of my genes have a recognizable counterpart in the banana genome. I am the product of e=mc^2 and the second law of thermodynamics, which means by definition the arrangement of my atomic structure makes me no different than the atomic makeup of the Jovian atmosphere or anywhere else in The Universe. So, tribal/civic/regional/state/national/alliance labels make very little sense to me. In fact, such labels result in risking all Earth species through the destruction brought on by jingoism, greed, ignorance, violence; to name a few.

If our species does not evolve beyond the qualities of IQ and physical strength, we will not survive; many species will not survive due to our actions. We must learn that emotional intelligence and cooperation is the key to our survival going forward. It is my hypothesis that this epidemic will be our lesson that cooperation with and understanding of all our fellow Earthly companions will be much more useful than our IQ, physical prowess and the fallacy that we are more special than any other species.

RobertLudwick 4 Apr 19

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Interesting. It is true that we're all made up of atoms, and atoms make up all the matter in the universe. On the other hand, the arrangement of atoms in a living organism is something special. As far as we know the Jovian atmosphere doesn't think. Human beings are special in that we have consciousness in a way that no other known animal has. But I'm not saying that exempts us from responsibility, of course.

Certainly the human race has been doing damage to the Earth for some time, but there is still hope that we can address some of it, though it will take a long time. We've been impacting the atmosphere for a century now, and it may take that long or longer to mitigate the effects, even if we were to stop the negative impact immediately (which isn't really possible). But there is hope.

When you say "evolve beyond the qualities of IQ and physical strength", what do you mean? Is increased intelligence a negative?

A higher IQ (Logical Intelligence) will not serve us UNLESS we also adopt a higher EQ (or what Howard Gardner calls Interpersonal Intelligence). A higher IQ without a higher EQ, in fact, would probably be detrimental to the future of our

As far as the specific arrangement of the atoms, that is a product of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. In other words, if we take away the dimension of time, the potential for a viable atomic arrangement and a “Goldilocks” environment for that life is very high. The universe is probably much older than some 12-14 billion years as time is non-linear when we throw in a gravitational singularity. The truth is we don’t know enough about how time works. We don’t know about how the universe was formed. We don’t know if we are the only universe in the cosmos. If we have infinite time with infinite space (e.g., gravitational singularity with the many-worlds interpretation), the number of worlds with life is not finite. If so, we are just 1 of the infinite...

@RobertLudwick In my opinion our EQ (as you put it) continues to develop. It's just a very slow process. It's evolutionary.

Current thinking is that the universe is about 13.8 billion years old. Naturally there are various theories about the universe, its origin, whether or not there is a multiverse, et cetera; but I don't know of any widely-held theory that says the universe is far older. But even given all of that, life is special. In one sense a human being is just an arrangement of atoms; but in another sense, the fact that a certain arrangement of atoms could lead to consciousness is quite amazing.


Hello and welcome to the site, enjoy. Thank you for telling us about yourself, I now have a good idea exactly what you look like.

Sadly I am not sure that we are going to evolve any more in a positive way, most of the signs are that humans are declining.

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