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Do you ever question your life choices? I do. Would you change them if you could? I really can't say.How do you react to my song?

fishline79 7 May 22

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About my beliefs no. About things from the past? Only in how I can do better in the future. Angst about regrets on what could have or should have? I don't like those thoughts to enter my mind, they're not healthy.


Regret is a horrible situation to put one's self in. It's not even real. At least, I don't know of a time travel device. Experience is education.

The tone of the song was too pretentious for me. I couldn't bear to listen long enough to get the context. What are the lyrics?

I can't help it you don't like the "tone", whatever that means. I personally think it's one of my best tunes. Just a matter of taste. As for the lyrics, I guess you'll have to suppress your inclination to gag and listen. I'm not going to type them out. Sorry I ruined your day.

@fishline79 Well, "tone" has a definition. It's probably easier to look it up than it would be to type out your poetry. My day is fine. I've been listening to the music I've composed. It sounds like I've ruined your day, though. Tis the nature of a critic. Here, play critic with my stuff if you like. I would advise dismissing it outright, if you can't tolerate the tone. []

@Fred_Snerd Do you mean Tone in a technical sense, as in Bass and Treble? I recorded this on a Tascam eight track porta-studio and produced the album for under $600.00. I played and sang everything myself and had help from no-one. I even design and photograph the album covers. If you look at you will see samples of fifty years of writing. I'd love to listen to your music.

@Fred_Snerd Of course I know what "tone" means, just not in the context of your comment.

@fishline79 You said you didn't understand what "tone" means. I didn't know you weren't aware of what "pretentious" means.

pretentious - attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.

I'd like for you to listen to my music. People either find it milquetoast or offensive.

@Fred_Snerd We're comparing apples and pears here. I love New Age and electronic but what I do is literate. I'll listen to more of your stuff but the first track sounded a bit "overloaded" to me, like you are trying to stuff a bushel of tomatoes into a 1/2 bushel basket. You apparently are not a fan of "acoustic" music (a bad term, as if all music isn't acoustic) but you know what I mean. Anyway, that's what I do so I can understand why you wouldn't like it. At least you commented on it, which is more than most people do.

"You apparently are not a fan of "acoustic" music"

You apparently haven't listened to the playlist. LOL

@fishline79 I've been going through your songs. Ennuos is something I can listen to. As for the rest I've heard, I prefer sillier camp songs.

@fishline79 "the first track sounded a bit "overloaded" to me, like you are trying to stuff a bushel of tomatoes into a 1/2 bushel basket."

Entrance is around a decade old. I piled the drums and bass on (to an mp3. Where are those files?) a year or 2 ago, as I didn't think there was enough going on. LOL I was showcasing a dev's product who hung out at KVR. I had the arp sitting in another song I wasn't using.

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