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I recently deactivated all my social media accounts and I'm making an effort to find other like-minded people. Although I take a very pro-atheist stance I'm not very tribal, though I would like to discover some community. I find myself trying to extract the good things from my religious upbringing to the present. Some of those things include strict boundaries (diet/exercise) and well defined principles and moral values (honesty and loyalty). One thing that may be lacking from my life right now is purpose. I was in the military before and was disenchanted by what I experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My interest on this website is to seek out constructive and engaging conversation.

Please feel free to hit me up.


DixonButts4U 2 June 6

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Hi. I was in the US Navy during the Korean War and without the GI Bill wouldn't have gone to college. I did computer work, then retired, I tried FB and Twit but quit cuz I didn't want to spend so much time at a computer. That war didn't disenchant me but the wars since then have; they've been about oil or making the world profitable for American investors. What disenchanted you?

I spent time as a Hospital Corpsman in a Marine infantry unit. I also specialized as a operating room tech and did trauma surgery. Getting covered in the blood of other people got a little discouraging. I was pedaled into the propaganda machine at a young age believing that putting my life on the line was the right thing to do.

I still want to feel like I have a role to play as a patriot long term. America has a lot of opportunities no one else does.


Hello and welcome. Enjoy the site and do check out the groups if you have time, there is something for everyone, and I think that there are groups on both diet/exercise and for ex-forces. Though I would look at the full diversity certainly.

Good to know.


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