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Will I ever find that one person.

hOtMeSs2017 4 Apr 6

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If you can give me a name l will help you locate them. How long have they been missing?


I don't believe in "the one". There are people who you hit it off with, and people you don't. "The one" will be the one you decide to work on the relationship with.


I think that might be rare. My experience has been different partners for different stages or places in my life.


I stopped trying about a year ago and just let myself be now. I'm honestly a lot happier than I was when I was pressing to find that special person, going on dates every week, spending tons of $$, putting up with busloads of crap and deceit. Now I focus on being a good father to my daughters and living life as happily as I can for us. Do I hope that that certain woman will come into my life? You bet. But I'd rather it happen naturally or just not at all at this point.


I want to be all sappy here and say one day you and a barista at a non chain coffee place will lock eyes and realize you like the same music, authors and cartoons.

But, I also know there are no guarantees.

But, also, The One and I did find each other. Even though it didn't work out, it was an amazing periord in my life.

Summation: Enjoy the people in your life. They might not be the one, but they have something to offer and you do, too.

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