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I'm not a nihilist, mostly. Unless I misunderstand what most people mean by the term. It's my understanding that it depends on what realm you're applying nihilism.

I am open to changing my mind if someone has a different perspective.

Phyphrus 5 Apr 7

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Most people seem to think nihilism either is, or leads to, the notion that life is pointless and depressing and bleak.

It is actually just the position that life has no inherent, externally defined and bestowed meaning. Those are two VERY different things.

I'm not even sure that's true. It does seem that life has a way of maintaining larger systems. It carries out the function of natural processes, and each species plays a role.

@Phyphrus I don't see the outworking of natural laws as providing meaning, only providing a structure within which meaningful predictions can be made, within which context meaning can be determined by and for oneself.


A true nihilist has no reason to speak, so they specialize 🙂

cava Level 7 Apr 7, 2018
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