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Seems like that

bobwjr 9 Aug 15

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You people blame everything on this orange turd.

He earned it

@ biguy12 Quick learner ,now you know what to expect from these TDS afflicted victims.This guy has the worst case of the syndrome .I think he is their leader ..LOL

"You people"
What does that mean?
Sounds like something a Trump Troll would say

@seenoevil9620 Yeah, America was perfect before Trump was elected. /s

@seenoevil9620 according to who you?

@dermot235 you people means liberals like you ,who out of ignorance and TDS assume everyone who does not agree with your derogatory posts on Trump are his supporters . I do not like or support trump nor do I like the other mental case . Find one of my comments to prove me wrong you troll.

@biguy12 I agree

@biguy12, @godlessguy It would appear that you have no interest in having a debate with people who disagree with you. It seems to be all about throwing insults and demeaning people who are not on the same page as you. Is that why you are here.? I have no interest in getting into a back and forth with someone that has no interest in anyone else other than the Trump base. "ignorance"...."mental case"...."liberals like you".......You seem to be proud of having no interest in reacting across to people who differ from it begs the question....why are you here. I think it's obvious to most people why you are here.

@dermot235 I admit calling you a liberal was indeed a demeaning insult . I myself would be highly insulted if I was called this.

@biguy12 You Liberal


Darn tootin’.

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